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Egirdir Kappadokien

A small Anatolian town...... more

Ayvali Köyü

Ayvali Köyü Kappadokien

A village where life seems to have stood still...... more


Göreme Kappadokien

Göreme is a magical place...... more


Konya Kappadokien

The City of the Whirling Dervishes...... more


Üchisar Kappadikien

A small village with its tower carved in stone...... more

Cappadocia, in the central Anatolian highlands, is surely one of the most unusual landscapes in Turkey. Villages built into rocks, still inhabited until 20 years ago, strange tuff rock formations, subterranean cities, cave churches, as well as villages where time has stood still A fairytale landscape with people continuing to live in accordance with traditional ways of living.

We have selected Ayvali Köyü, a small village, virtually untouched by tourism, surrounded by the tuff rock landscape of Cappadocia, whose inhabitants have built there houses partially into the rocks.

The place does not have any of the noisy atmosphere of Görem or Ürgüp, and no-one will try to sell you carpets or souvenirs here. The tranquil atmosphere allows you for perfect relaxation and it is not uncommon to be invited by local residents to have a glass of tea when strolling around the village.

Many German airports now offer flights to Kayseri, making this destination easily accessible. 'Open jaw' flights with return flights from Antalya, Dalaman, or Bodrum are also possible and allow you to combine a stay in Cappadocia with one at the coast.

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