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Mediterranean feeling with oriental charm. Kas is definitely the most beautiful place along the Lycian coast...

Hotel Kale

Hotel Kale

Amazing location, great service and beautiful atmosphere: the Kale hotel...... more

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Pension Selim

Pension Selim Kas lykische Küste

Roof terrace with unforgettable panoramic views...... more

Villa Yasemin

Villa Yasemin Kas

Beautiful detached villa with pool...... more

Holiday Homes Kale

Kale Kas lykische Küste

Stylish, modern holiday homes with stunning views...... more

Hotel Aquarius

Hotel Aquarius Kas

Hotel Aquarius Family hotel situated at a beautiful location with view of Kastellorizon... ... more

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Hotel Medusa

Hotel Medus Kas

Small hotel with great views, perfect for people who enjoy diving...... more

Hotel Hadrian

Hotel Hadrian

Charming hotel on the peninsula in front of Kas...... more

Hotel Olea Nova

Hotel Olea Nova Kas

Relaxing vacation in a beautiful atmosphere...... more

Club Barbarossa, Hotel & Villas

Club Barbarossa Kas

On the Kas Peninsula with a stunning view...... more

Flora Villas

Villa Flora Kas

Three beautiful villas with breathtaking view...... more

Hotel Linda

Hotel Linda Kas

Hotel Linda and Linda Beach Two superb hotels with good views for people on a budget...... more

Guesthouse Gülsen

Pension Gülsen Kas

Basic guesthouse...... more

Kas Camping

Kas Camping lykische Küste

A Camping site nearby the sea...... more

Hera Hotel

Hotel Hera Kas

The Hera...... more

Aqua Princess Hotel

Aqua Princess Hotel Kas

The Aqua Princess Hotel offers a breathtaking view...... more

Rhapsody Hotel Kas

Rhapsody Hotel Kas

Small boutique hotel...... more

Hotel Linda Beach

Hotel Linda Beach

Hotel Linda and Linda Beach Two superb hotels with good views for people on a budget...... more

Hotel Begonvil

Hotel Begonvil Kas

Little family run Hotel...... more

Kas, a former fishing village once known as Phellos in Lycian times, has developed into a delightful, enchanting place, without being overwhelmed by mass tourism as seen in many other places. As in ancient times, it is a well-developed town with many of its original features and traditions still intact. There are no large hotel chains to be found, nor are there any tacky shopping areas, or pushy salespeople. Instead you will find picturesque walkways, Mediterranean charm, small boutiques filled with delicate craftsmanship, superb cafes, as well as fine restaurants. We would like to mention one of them. The restaurant of the Kale hotel, with a 4-course menu every evening that you should definitely try (book previous day). Accommodation in Kas ranges from basic guesthouses to stylish boutique hotels, offering excellent choices for every taste and budget, making this place the perfect destination for people who value authenticity but who do not want to give up all comforts.

Lycian sarcophagi in the centre of town, a large market every Friday, beautiful beach coves for bathing, nearby historic sites, as well as being part of the Lycian walkway, make this an unforgettable location. We agree with the view of 'geo saison', who state on their website that: '(...) it still is a small town with an unusual charm – in particular, the old Greek town houses with their enclosed, wooden balconies'.


There are many small restaurants, some of them near the harbour, others hidden in small gardens with spectacular sea views. Our tip: the Leymona Restaurant, directly by the water and with wonderful views of the sea and the Greek island of Meis, is one that you must try. But remember to book your table in advance!


Kas has no sandy beaches, but well-located terraces and beach clubs make up for this, as do pebble beaches and small, picturesque bays. Sunshades and loungers can be rented at low cost. Our favourite place is Leymona Beach, directly below the Hotel Kale. This must be the most idyllic little beach in Kas - and it is the only one to provide beach towels. What`s more, the entrance fee can be used for drinks and snacks, a nice gesture. The hotels on the peninsula have their own beach terraces and clubs for the use of guests. These are nicely laid out and come with loungers and sun shades.

Historical sites

The Lycian coast is rich in historical sites ready for you to discover, with Xanthos, Tlos, Pinara and Letoon forming just part of the list. If you prefer to join a small organised group, head for the harbour in Kas an look for Kahramanlar Travel Center (opposite the mosque), where there are English-speaking guides on hand to show you around. Kahramanlar Travel Center can also arrange for a car rental to let you explore at your oun pace.


Divers are in their element, with a fascinating undersea world that includes fronds of sea grass, scattered remains of amphorae and crustacean-encrusted rock formations. Small caves with freshwater streams, a wooden shipwreck at a depth of 22 metres, amphorae, titan triggerfish, monkfish, coral cod and swarms of yellowtails, lumpfish and octopuses.... All this in addition to a marble sculpture in the form of a shark under the sea rigth in front of Kas, and the submerged wreck of an aircraft. Plus a whole wealth of new places to dive in.... The sea around Kas contains some of the most interesting places for diving in the Mediterranean. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with various diving schools in Kas, we can accept bookings directly on very favourable terms.


This cutting-edge sport can now be practiced at a few select locations inland. Ask the local organisers for further information.


There are several daily tandem flights from the approximately thousand-metre-high Asaz Dagi. They drive up the mountain from Kas. These flights give you breathtaking bird`s eye views of Kas, letting you see as far as the Greek island of Kastellorizon (Meis).


There are several canoe tours a week along the river Esen or near the sunken town of Kekova. Ask at the Kahramanlar Travel Center (near the small mosque by the harbour) for further details. Guests are picked up in the morning and taken by minibus to the tour departure point on the river, and brought back again in the evening.

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