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Probably Turkey`s most beautiful beach...

Hotel Villa Daffodil

Hotel Villa Daffodil

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Villa Mandarin

Villa Mandarin lykischer Weg

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Hotel Meri

Hotel Meri Fethiye

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Mountain Lodge

Mountain Lodge Fethiye

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Ölü Deniz is often called the most beautiful beach in Turkey and attracts more and more visitors each year, transforming the once peaceful Fethiye into a vibrant and bustling city. The trip from Fethiye to Ölü Deniz includes amazing views of the sea cove and is worth a small break in order to visit Kaya Köyü, a place once inhabited by the Greeks. Calis, the second beach of Fethiye has also since become a tourist attraction and there are many small family guesthouses available. If you have the time, then you should definitely pay a visit to the many historic Lycian sites in the vicinity of Fethiye. Kadyanda with its stunning panoramic views, Tlos, the Saklikent canyon, as well as the mountain town of Pinara, are just some of the places you should visit.


Fethiye has many differently priced restaurants that you can explore at a leisurely pace during evening walks. We would just like to point out one in particular, which is very special: Beyaz Yunus (White Dolphin), a more expensive restaurant, which specialises in fish dishes of excellent quality in an amazing atmosphere. The restaurant, with stunning panoramic views, is situated just outside Fethiye, on the road to Kidrak. It is for those who want to enjoy something truly special.

By boat

There are regular boat connections to Rhodes several times a week from June to October. We would recommend the 12 island tour, which can be booked by anyone of the numerous local agencies or at the harbour itself. It is almost too good an opportunity to miss.


Windsurfing is available on the beach of Calis.


In the near vicinity of Fethiye, there are plenty of places from Lycian times that are worth a visit and should not be missed: Letoon, Tlos, Kadyanda, Pinara ... wild landscapes and a range of historic sites. Most of these Lycian sites can be reached by dolmusOrganised excursions are also available at local travel agencies or you can just head out on your own by renting a car. One major attraction worth mentioning is Göcek, which is only 30 km from town. Although there are no beaches, it is a lovely village which is ideal for sailing and enjoying a meal at one of the fine local restaurants.


There is a beautiful walk leading from the abandoned Greek town of Kaya Köyü down to Ölü Deniz. You can reach Kaya Köyü by dolmus from Fethiye. The walk takes approx. 3 hours and includes many unforgettable panoramic views. If you bring your swimming gear along, then you could take a dip and have a rest at the beach of Ölü Deniz afterwards. It is easy to make your way back by dolmus.


There are many diving schools in Fethiye, most of which are located at the marina and are therefore easy to find. Together with the ones near Kas, the diving areas around Fethiye are some of the best in Turkey.


Fethiye – just like Kas – also offers paragliding facilities, which are located at almost 1900 m above sea level at Baba Dagi, now a mecca for paragliders. Please contact Skysports for more details. Each flight costs approx. 100 euros.


The beauty of Ölü Deniz, the most famous beach in Turkey, has already been described so often that there is nothing that we could add to it. Calis is a less crowded but excellent alternative.

By bus, dolmus or rental car

The surroundings of Fethiye harbour offer many places from Lycian times that are worth a visit, such as Letoon, Tlos, Pinara, and more. Many Lycian sites lie somewhat secluded in the stunning mountain regions, all with amazing panoramic views. One attraction worth visiting is Göcek, only 30 km from town. Although there are no beaches, it is a lovely village. Ideal for sailing and enjoying a meal at one of the fine local restaurants.

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